The Top 3 Tips to Help You Choose Which PPE to Buy


There’s a new term that has been buzzing around amid this coronavirus pandemic, i.e., PPE. The term PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. That is the clothing and equipment that the wearer uses to help protect them from deadly pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, worms, and the whole nine yards of microscopic-sized dangers that can harm our immune system and cause bad infections.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive demand for personal protective equipment that leads to the birth of many ppe store online like DMB supply from New York or One Source Supply from New Jersey. Professional healthcare public servants do not only use them, but also the population demands them to combat the coronavirus. Nevertheless, both medical professionals and civilians require PPE as it are deemed mandatory by the law.

Here are our tips to help you choose which PPE to buy:

Check if the Products Meet the Standards


Before committing to purchase PPE, you would need to be aware that your suppliers’ products have met the safety standards and conform to them. Standards like their bacterial filtration efficiency, particle filtration efficiency, inhalation resistance, exhalation resistance, leakage percentage, etc., are being regulated by government officials worldwide in an attempt to fight COVID-19 and curb the pandemic’s growth and spreadability, and you should always check on your suppliers if their products apply to these standards.

Check That You Are Purchasing from a Legitimate Supplier

Of course, there are bound to be copycats and opportunists that don’t care about other things besides their own personal greed, with the high demand for PPE and the inability for manufacturers to keep up with the ever-rising public demands.

Public Servants

Naturally, many second-rate and fraudulent products that do not meet the above-mentioned standards will circulate to compete with the obedient regulatory products. Second-rate manufacturers take this opportunity to earn quick profit at the cost of other people’s lives, which is a disturbing fact but true, so you should be wary that the products you purchase come from a legitimate supplier.

Check the Products’ Quality Control and Assurance

With the high surplus of PPE demands, even the government is having trouble trying to procure PPE, leading to them getting them from overseas. Many health officials and the public are ordering PPE from overseas factories because of the local stores’ low-supply, which is fine but may raise a few concerns like are the products’ quality being properly monitored? Such high demand tends to make manufacturers go into production overdrive, which may decrease their vigilance and meticulousness.

It is best that you have some form of incredulity and apply it as a self-defense mechanism before you purchase PPE products. You can’t wander around wearing faulty masks or handling communal things with defective gloves, and that false sense of security will be your downfall. We genuinely hope that these tips have been helpful.