Opioid Painkillers


Opioid painkillers as the name suggest they are medicines used to treat pain. They are adamant, but their strength varies from one to another. Usually, a physician starts with the weaker opioids, and if they fail to alleviate pain, stronger ones are then commenced.

Examples of opioid painkillers include morphine and Tramadol. They are mainly used to treat acute pain such as that in cancer patients.

6 astonishing facts you should know about opioid painkillers

Opioids kill at least 50 people daily in the US

Shockingly, the numbers of people who die as a result of opioid overdose during prescription keep on increasing from year to year. There is a disagreement among the physicians and other health care providers on the prescription of opioids. The slight difference between them brings an order error resulting in an overdose.

You can easily become addicted to opioids

Besides, drug dependence and tolerance often accompany addiction. As it is with any other types of drugs and alcohol, the moment you try to quit them you are likely to suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and tummy cramps.

Disturbance of your gastrointestinal

Constipation occurs more frequently then followed by nausea. Uproar with your gastrointestinal system can be very unpleasant especially constipation.ryfgnfry5tgdfrs

Opioid overdose Is linked to short breathing and dizziness

Usually, opioids interfere with the central nervous system. Remember that breathing is controlled by some parts of the brain. Dizziness and drowsiness are apparently central nervous system things. Prolonged short breathing kill!

Overdosed individuals become wholly disoriented

Is this the reason they can easily give up the ghost? Absolutely YES! Remember opioids get in the way with the central nervous system. Hence, it is typical for an individual to be very confused after taking an overdose of opioids. That means that if somebody is not near to help, the victim cannot call for help. It is so sad that they may pass away afterward!

Opioids are not recommended for chronic pain

r5e6u57itygThe Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) intervened to curb the opioid epidemic where they restricted the use of opioids in chronic pain. Prolonged use of strong painkillers such as codeine, morphine, and methadone can lead to addiction, dependence, and tolerance which mean that the adverse effects of the drugs offset their benefits. Besides, they have already been linked to death.

Do not buy opioids over the counter. You will be more likely to overdose yourself hence experiencing all the consequences that are associated to overdosing. Besides, you can make a wrong choice.

Instead, always visit your physician who will help prescribe for you on top of the fact that he/she can make the right choice of drugs concerning the intensity of the pain you are feeling.