Benefits Of a Dermal Lip Filler

Most women value their looks and would do anything to enhance their beauty. Cosmetologists take this as an opportunity of introducing something new every day. One such advancement is a dermal lip filler. It is non-surgical, efficient and painless. If you are searching for lip fillers in Perth, you need to know that fillers not only enhance beauty but also delay the lip aging process. That said, let us look at some of the benefits of this procedure.

The lip area age quicklyold lip

Like other areas of the face, the area surrounding the lip ages. Dehydration and a thin lip surface area are among the reasons that contribute to lip ageing. This can be reversed by investing in dermal fillers around the lip region. This procedure works by increasing hydration, eliminating wrinkles and improving the lip surface area. The result of this is not only attractive looking lips but also a reduction in the lip aging process.

Quick to administer

If you want to have this procedure and you are worried about disrupting your regular schedules, worry no more. A dermal filling procedure takes only a few minutes. More to this, it is not painful and does not require you to have bed rest. However, in some instances, people may experience bruises and swelling, but the good news is that this only lasts for a few minutes. That said, it is possible to have this procedure and go back to work the same day.


You will appreciate the safety of this procedure if you work with a qualified doctor. Doctors use hyaluronic acid. This acid occurs naturally in the body. Thus, this procedure does not result in the introduction of foreign chemicals. This implies that the incidences of allergic reactions are reduced significantly. Therefore, dermal fillers are completely safe, and there is nothing to cause worry.

Shape and improve your lip structure

lip filler resultMany things that contribute to having a beautiful face. One of these aspects is lip structure. If you do not like your lip structure, then you can consider having dermal fillers. Fillers help give your face a balanced look. In return, this ensures you enjoy the best look possible.

Temporal results

Dermal fillers offer temporal results. This is unlike other procedures. The results of a lip injection last for at least six months and a maximum of 8 months. After this period, you can ask your doctor to change the treatment plan to suit your needs. More to this, if you are not impressed by the outcome of the procedure, there is a way out. You can use hyalaise to reverse the treatment.