Does Postnatal Massage Work?

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Postnatal massage is full body massages given to mother for up to 40 days after birth. The post natal massage Singapore therapy is usually administered by a postnatal and newborn massage therapist. Massage therapy normally starts from the feet and finish with a head massage.

Does postnatal massage work?

The postnatal massages are critical messages that help soothe new moms. It is a relaxing kind of massage that offers some other benefits that include the following.

  • Postnatal massages help to relax tension in the muscle apregnant womannd ease sore spots. It is important to note that the whole process of childbirth can be straining, especially on the abdomen and lower back and hips. The upper back might also be sore if you don’t sit in the right posture.
  • Massage aid in blood flow, which is vital in ensuring that oxygen researches muscles easily and quickly to ensure that you get rid of the toxins.
  • With massage, you feel relaxed, which help encourages the body to release endorphins, natural painkillers that help to feel good and free from any stress
  • Massage encourages the release oxytocin hormone, which triggers the let-down reflex that is important in the release of milk from your breast. In fact, some mothers are likely to leak some breast milk during the massage, and it is always important to put breast pads in your breastfeeding bra to avoid leaking.
  • The breast massage helps to open blocked ducts and help to loosen clumps or hard areas, which reduce the chances of mastitis. However, be aware that vigorous massage on the breast is destructive and only soft and gently stroke massage is encouraged.
  • Massage also speeds up recovery from the caesarean section. Although it is important to keep away from the wound as long as it has not yet healed, message around the wound helps to increase blood supply, which is important for inner healing.

Researchers have also pregnant woman enjoying massage shown that postnatal massages are of great help in various other ways. It is important to note that massages help to increase the blood floor in the body, which improves immunity and well-being through the stimulation of lymph flow.

Moreover, postnatal massage ensures that you gain strength and support your baby within the shortest time possible. However, massages should be provided by experienced professionals who understand the details on how to perform the procedure.