Molluscum Treatment – Key Factors To Consider



Molluscum contagiousum is majorly experienced in three groups of individuals namely children, immunosuppressed people, and sexually active individuals. The most affected group is children, though. When weighing the best molluscum treatment put into consideration that destructive methods can be painful.

In the case of younger children observation or treatments like cantharone, Retin- A, or Aldara cream may be better alternatives as they do not cause any discomfort.

Size of lesionswoman with black dress

Huge or giant molluscum may necessitate the use of crushing methods for a cure. Shave biopsy, curettement or liquid nitrogen may be the most appropriate and efficient for this huge bumps.

Number of lesions

The more the number of lesions experienced then the most ongoing immunomodulatory should be administered, the lesions are few then destructive methods like curettage or cryotherapy may be advisable options. In instances of more widespread involvement, topical therapy or immunomodulatory therapy may be a better option.

Location of lesions

When molluscum occurs on the body, arms or legs, any treatment can be utilized. However, when the virus involves the face or genitals, this may require the use of either topical or immunomodulatory agents. In this instances, pain, and the risk of scarring becomes a primary concern. Thus, conservative measures should be considered.

Pain tolerance

When pain is the major problem as it usually is for many, then the use of topical or immunomodulatory therapy should be strongly put into consideration. Remedies such as cantharidin, Retin- A, Aldara, and cimetidine do not cause pain and should be utilized in those low pain tolerance. For those experiencing high pain levels, the destructive methods such as surgical excision curettage and cryotherapy should be used to allow for quicker results.

The urgency for results

Depending oold ladyn how speedily one wants their molluscum gone will significantly influence the type of treatment they will prefer. Destructive methods are accompanied with some uncomfortableness, but they offer the quickest solution. Observation alone takes months or even years for full resolution of molluscum contagiousum and the many topical therapies consume weeks to months for full recovery.


To treat molluscum contagiosum, you need to consider the effectiveness of the method more than the cost. Various molluscum treatments come with different costs. If you have health insurance, then it will cater for most of the office procedures which are typically destructive methods like curettage, surgical excision, and liquid nitrogen. This would leave you with your copay and deductibles. If you use topical or immunomodulatory therapy, it will cost you both the office visit to the physician and any co-payments for the actual medications.